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Hello, my name is Jon Low


I am a photographer. Afterwalk is a collection of photographs from my personal work from my travel and streets. Hence, the name. Check out my YouTube channel and subscribe to my channel for videos about photography, photo stories, and reviews, or purchase a print to hang on your wall. All available here on


This playlist features a collection of Photo Stories gathered and told, right after a photo walk.

Afterwalk : Gear Review

Geek out with photography equipment that I care about and use. Check out the latest and greatest gears that I could get my hands on for reviews.

Afterwalk : VLOG

The in between rants of Jon’s life. The behind the scenes to how these videos are done. Or a simple channel update, or a holiday movie. It’s really random.

Personal Projects:


Every year, I walk Bourke Street for a day to take some street photography. Check out my personal project. A Day in Bourke Street.