Auction Room
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“Standing room. It’s small, it’s packed…. but it shouldn’t be not like that.”

I’ve spent a lot of time in Auction Room. My friend was the barista there until recently. Hence, with Auction Room I am bias. Cos, it is afterall my friend behind the coffee I drink while I am there… almost all the time….. He is Devin, Australia’s Brewers Cup Champion 2014.


Dubbed as Melbourne’s no1. cafe in the recent years, Auction Room  is North Melbourne’s hipster cafe. If you are visiting weekends, get there early, or just wait up for tables. It gets really busy.


I’ve been there many times. There are at least one or 2 occasions where I stayed on almost the whole day photographing Devin while he work.


Head to Auction Room for


    1. Devin’s CoffeeWell, Devin no longer serves coffee in Auction Room. But I am sure his legacy lives on at the cafe. I would still go there for coffee. 
    2. French Toast BreakfastFrench toast, brioche complete with a caramelised sugar crust, ‘devil on horseback’ dates, crispy bacon and tangy poached rhubarb. 
    3. Filter CoffeeTry filter coffee by Small Batch’s Roasters. Lightly roast single origins coffee beans to challenge your coffee pallette profile hunting. Get seated by the window. Some alone time, guards down and keep an artist inspiration coming.