Aunty Peg’s
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Proud Mary presents Aunty Peg’s

Back to Main – A Melbourne Coffee Experience

The next progression in coffee culture. Aunty Peg’s servesĀ filter coffee. No milk can be found in Aunty Peg’s. The establishment is a combination of a “coffee bar” which took inspiration from beer bar concept with taps, high chairs and pretty cool music.


There are several coffee roasting machines situated at the back of the bar, which if you ask, the baristas are happy to show you around.


Head to Aunty Peg’sĀ for


    1. CoffeeSpeciality beans roasted by their own roasters in Proud Mary. Different ranges of coffee beans which are then extracted with V60, or aeropress or any other filter technique depending on barista and your orders.The cold brew is quite exquisite. It’s served on a tap and it taste rather different.

      Filter coffee is an acquired taste. I slowly learning to like it a little more. Still a challenge to be able to match or tell apart coffee profiles which are described on the menu.


    2. ExperienceChic. The bar like counter top brings coffee to a different kind of experience. The cold brew are served in a beer tap. Looking almost like a Stout, but not quite. A little fizzy in the drink makes it look and taste fresh.


      They are eager to teach more about coffee. Book a class, and learn filter coffee from Aunty Peg’s. It’s quite a big space. During off peak, some barista would offer a tour to what they do there in Aunty Peg’s. Including their introduction to the space above the shop that host coffee events.


Aunty Peg’s at Collingwood. About 10-15 minutes drive from Melbourne City

“Aunty Peg’s serves filter coffee. No milk can be found in Aunty Peg’s.”