“Standing room. It’s small, it’s packed…. but it shouldn’t be not like that.”

Patricia is small, no frill standing room coffee place. You’ll probably spend 15 minutes standing around enjoying a cup of coffee while the baristas and the crew serving more coffee to the rest of the Melbournians.

It’s simple, nothing pretendious, beautifully thought after coffee place. A must go.


Head to Patricia for


    1. CoffeeNow (As of March 2015) serving Seven Seeds and Small Batch roaster beans. I personally like their white coffee. Easily makes it to my top 3 great tasting coffee in Melbourne. I like it that the coffee is well balanced with milk not overpowering each other.


    2. ExperienceI believe that a coffee place, should serve the best coffee they know as their first priority before taking care of anything else. ie. the interior, the food, et cetera. I couldn’t decide to put the experience as my no 1, or coffee as my no1. I reckon I chosed the later. My point is, I love this place.I love what they have done with the menu. No more cappuccino, or flat white, or mocha, or latte. Its just white, black or espresso. Simplified the menu without any confusion.


      It’s standing room. It’s small, it’s packed… but it shouldn’t be not like that. See there, double negative. It’s coziness made the standing there for coffee seems pleasant. If it is a little too crowded, we can stand right outside the street where we get a little sun. For me, it’s picture perfect.


      They have 3 iconic windows that I absolutely love to photograph… in various angles even. Their coasters are cool. I won’t tell you why. There are shoes displayed..I don’t even know why. But it’s nice.


    3. Sparkling waterWhen I stumble upon Patricia for the very first time, I haven’t experience a cafe that serves bubble ;). Their sparkling water taste the same as anywhere else. I guess it’s just being there made the difference.


Patricia Coffee Brewer is at Williams Lane. It’s almost at the corner of Bourke Street / William Street intersection. Take a free tram to Williams and take a 5 minutes walk.