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Photowalk with Jon

We stormed down downtown Kuala Lumpur today to march for a better Malaysia. Here is the link to wikipedia for more information on #Bersih4. The rally was not sanction, and was declared illegal by the Malaysian Home Ministry. Our T-shirts that we purchased for the rally was marked illegal by the government ahead of the rally.


We prevailed. We sticked to our plan. We marched on. Here are photographs of our struggle, our battle, our hope, and hopefully a better future.

Upon arrival at KTM Komuter in Kuala Lumpur City. Plenty of us changed to our Yellow Bersih 4.0 tshirt once we touch down Kuala Lumpur. These were the fear instigated by our goverment in preventing and deterring us from participating in a planned peaceful assembly.

The sea of yellow started arriving in trains. The trains were jam packed. This were people patiently lining up to exit the KTM Komuter station in Kuala Lumpur

A restaurant that I use to frequent while I was studying in my college days in Kuala Lumpur. Lai Foong is crowded with the Bersih4 movement. Spotted a familiar friend in this photo. Hello Robin Ng

There were a group of cyclist going around the city in the very early stage of the protest. Riding around in yellow

A fellow comrade. Photographed by another photographer, Yung Yaw

The 2015, I went to an illegal gathering selfie look

The call of Dato Sri Najib Razak for resignation on the scandalous RM2.6 Billion “Donation” he received into his personal account. Which, as the banner reads that he should be heading to jail after.

The initial march at Masjid Jamek where a continuous stream of protestor going on chanting “BERSIH! BERSIH” even before the Bersih 2.0 organizers arrival. The march took on life itself, just being there.

When asked if things were great in Malaysia.


The speakers at Masjid Jamek cheering on the crowd.

When asked if things were great in Malaysia.

Bersih 2.0 Chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah addressing

Clearly the crowd agrees