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Experiencing White Night in Melbourne

Photowalk with Jon

It’s awesome to witness White Night. The Melbourne City center which usually flooded with┬ácars and trams are replaced with sea of people storming on both Flinder Street and Swanston street. The best part part was, I was in the middle of that sea of people.


We walked that night, all around. From the corner of Flinders, all the way back to Melbourne Central, and again back to Flinder to witness once a year White Night in the heart of Melbourne City.


What to look for? Light displays on buildings, people gathering, having a good time. Busking at Swanston. Lights and more lights everywhere. Times like these, are best to experience being there. I don’t even think photos are able to justify my presence standing at ground zero.


Nevertheless, here are some photowalk photographs I’ve done while experiencing White Night in Melbourne.